Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Ironman's Meltdown!

(Photo by Janet Jones

In the last couple of years I have learnt a great deal and met many interesting people through my membership with the Professional Speakers Association. In recent months another of the members, Clive Gott, who is an inspirational humorist, heard me speak and decided that he also wants to challenge the stigma and ignorance surrounding mental illness.

His story appeared in the Yorkshire Post today under the title 'Ironman's meltdown'. Clive is the classic 'Action Man' figure who climbs mountains and runs across deserts, then uses his stories with humour and inspiration to encourage others to tackle their challenges and make and achieve their goals.

But he had a breakdown last year and realised that depression is not a choice as he once believed! Have a look at

We are now working together to speak to audiences across the business community, health professionals, educational establishments - in fact anyone who could be showing signs of stress! By sharing our stories and how we overcame our problems we aim to help others avoid a breakdown or at the most simple level offer ways to improve their mental health.

Our first public workshop will be on Sunday 7th December. Full details to be confirmed.

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