Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Business Network West Yorkshire

Today my new venture took off! Clive Gott and I did our first (of many!) presentations together as a seminar before The Business Network West Yorkshire lunch.


The venue was The Golden Lion Hotel in Leeds.


This was our workshop outline:-

How to take life by the throat and say “I’m not done yet!”

This presentation will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and you WILL be challenged. Clive and Elaine will introduce you to the three qualities that they believe we all have at our disposal to ensure a positive outcome to our journey… should we choose to tap into them.

Belief - Stop “ripping and stacking.”
We will explore the belief that we can (or can’t) achieve more and the more important belief that we deserve to achieve more.

Motivation - “Motion creates emotion.”
Are you a Quitter a Camper or a Climber? If we have a strong enough “why” the “how” will take care of itself. We will also look at the rules to goal setting.

Support - “Remember the Law of association.”
There is no such thing as a self-made anything. We All need help and support at some point. Where will yours come from and more important have you asked them if you can ask them?

By the end of the session participants will:
• Have an honest and personal understanding of the gap between where they are now and where they want to be
• Understand some of the beliefs that support them in or prevent them from crossing their gap
• Understand what will motivate them to cross the gap and how to create that motivation at will
• Be aware of the support they have, or will need, to cross their gap

What have one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, a leading footballer, a chief constable, a school teacher and an adventurer all got in common, along with an average 25% of people in the UK today (And this includes YOU?)
(Goldberg, D. & Huxley, P. 1992, Common mental disorders ¬ a bio-social model, Routledge.)

They have all suffered some form of mental illness. Some of them survived to fight on.

Whether we simply survive life or choose magnificence is just a matter of how well you cross the gaps that appear between where you are at any given time and where you want to be. Your gap might indeed be depression or other mental illness. It might also be a presentation, a sales call, a commitment to lose weight or pay off debts or survive the break up of a relationship that seems like it will hurt forever.

Unusually the workshop was held in a bedroom! Yes, but without the bed! It made for a cosy and intimate session for around 35 people who left with ideas on how to improve and maintain their mental health. General feedback was good - were you there? What did you think?

It was our taster for a full day workshop to be held in the New Year on Sunday 11th January at a Leeds venue, to be confirmed. The idea will be to review 2008, celebrate successes and deal with negativity, leading onto setting personal and professional plans to make 2009 the best year yet! So who do you know who needs a mental boost to kick start next year? Costs will be £75 for the day if employed, and £10 for those on benefits.

If you would like full details of this please sign up to our newsletters at either www.clivegott.com or www.hanzak.com

Thank you to Caroline Coward from the Business Network for enabling us to present this session.

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