Friday, 16 January 2009

Latest research on postnatal depression

Today I was invited to speak on BBC Radio Manchester on Heather Stott's morning programme to comment upon the latest research on postnatal depression.

Two studies had been published in the British Medical Journal.
The studies have found that counselling and peer-group support for new mothers might help prevent depression. The first study (in England) found that postnatal depression is reduced in women if health visitors are trained to spot symptoms of depression six to eight weeks after birth, and offer psychological support. The second (Canadian) study found that women who received advice by phone from a woman who had suffered herself were around half as likely to develop postnatal depression 12 weeks after birth.

See a report here of the studies:

I am a strong advocate of both theories and urge Primary Care Trusts to take these studies seriously and act upon them. Not only do the health visitors need more training in such issues but we need to give them more resources and staff to deal with the problem. And NOW!

There are lots of good links and helpful information here on PND


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