Thursday, 22 January 2009

Patient Information Forum

Today I met up with Mark Duman who is the Honorary President of the Patient Information Forum (PiF).
PiF is an independent organisation that promotes high-quality information for patients, carers, and their families. We support those involved in the production and dissemination of high-quality consumer health information by:

Influencing national and local policy
Spreading and sharing good practice
Training health information professionals
Communicating news and research

I am a strong believer in good information for patients and their families as where it is provided it can help ease a great deal of stress. It can also empower them by helping them to understand and take some control over their care and treatment which is good for all concerned.

I hope by joining this group I will also help in these important aims.

Have a look at their website.

Mark is also involved in the Improvement Foundation.

The Improvement Foundation leads the field in service improvement work across the public sector in the UK and overseas. Their website states that:-

We work in partnership with frontline staff and service users to deliver large-scale improvements in health, education and service outcomes, and provide leadership and quality improvement skills training.

We work closely with the Department of Health, the Department for Children, Schools and Families and several other public sector bodies and other organisations. Experts in quality improvement, we have an eight-year track record of demonstrating significant, sustainable impact and value for money.

For more information see

I was most impressed to also meet Mark's colleague Teresa Karran who told me about a wonderful project on cancer prevention work.

I hope I can be involved and helpful in their work.

If you are involved in Mental Health are there any aspects of information that you feel could be improved? Please let me know.


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