Thursday, 15 January 2009

Perinatal Mental Health Training

Today I travelled down south to St. Richard's hospital in Chichester.

I had been asked to address staff involved in midwifery and the care of pregnant women and their children in the area.

The session was especially pertinent as very sadly a lady had commited suicide at the weekend not long after having given birth. This is why I feel so PASSIONATELY about increasing the awareness and reducing the stigma and ignorance around postnatal illness.

The more we can educate, communicate and inform everyone involved around pregnancy and birth, the better chance we have of reducing the suffering of so many.

It's not just about saving lives but improving them. I got a message recently from a lady who I had met when I went into a Mother and Baby unit and talked to the patients whilst giving them a pamper. At the time this particular lady was very ill and her mum joined the session. I felt extremely humble to learn that she is now well but especially as my story had actually 'saved the relationship' between mother and daughter by increasing the mothers' understanding of the awful illness.

I was given a very warm reception at St. Richard's and I look forward to my next visit there in February.

Thanks for the Danish Pastry Karen! It's on my 'feel good' list now!


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