Monday, 25 May 2009

Brighter Futures!

Once in a while you meet someone who lights up a room just by being there - I have recently had the pleasure of meeting such a lady. She is called Janet and is involved with a group called Brighter Futures based in Selby, North Yorkshire.
Janet represents the ideal person to help those of us affected by mental health issues - she is warm, friendly, empathetic and fun to be with.

Have a look at

They meet on a weekly basis and they
aim to provide a
friendly, informal, optimistic,
stigma free and confidential
environment in which people living with emotional
& mental distress and their carers, friends,
family members can meet together.

You may be feeling isolated and low for a variety of reasons including family/relationship problems, work stress, unemployment and/or financial issues.

Even if you are not in that geographical area have a look at the pictures and jokes on their site - bet you cannot resist a smile!


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