Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Reasons to be cheerful in the speaking business!

Last night I chaired the NW chapter of the Professional Speakers Association meeting at The City Inn Manchester.
The venue did us proud as usual

We had two fantastic speakers.
Clive Gott was the first. He had said he was 'going to love us to death and let us know that there is a whole load of business out there and there are many reasons to be cheerful'. And he did!

In a time when the media would have us believe that Armageddon is just around the corner and most if not all small business owners are going to be throwing themselves off the nearest bridge Clive Gott has just enjoyed his busiest and most lucrative first quarter to a year in his ten year career as a professional speaker.

Clive says “The work is out there, we just have to come up with different ways to get it”

In his presentation Clive shared with us at least five reasons why we should rejoice over the present climate not including “at least we aren’t in the car business” (that’s a free one that is worth remembering).

Clive also shared with us at least five ways that we can move forward when everyone else is (apparently) standing still or worse including “Lowering fees is one option, providing more value is a better one.” In short Clive explained how he has taken the recession by the throat and said “I’m not done yet.”

He is celebrating his 10 years in business with an amazing event in York on 10th June. See full details here

We then were totally inspired by a brilliant presentation from Enzo Calamita who spoke to us about the need for passion in our performances and how we are in a very privileged position as speakers to breathe life and enthusiasm into our audiences IF we have the skill and fire to do so. Fantastic!

Both speakers at this meeting were excellent at putting over that our profession is not about earning pots of money but actually making a difference out there and touching people's lives. I agree completely and it is always a pleasure to spend time with my friends and colleagues who share that view.

Thank you guys!

Our next meeting is on the 5th June when Will Kintish will be sharing with us how to grow your speaking opportunities using LinkedIn.

Thanks to all who attended and made it a great evening!


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