Thursday, 7 May 2009

The church and postnatal depression?

Earlier in the year when Clive and I did a joint workshop on personal development one of the delegates expressed an interest to do an event with me.
He is involved with a church in Leeds and they are keen to support the community in as many ways as possible. Listening to my story he realised that there may be a role his church could play in helping families affected by this illness.
This is something I have been keen to explore for a long while and had been trying to start it in my locality but sadly when I left my previous home, contact has disappeared.
So being given another chance is fantastic as I feel that there are ways that the church community CAN assist the NHS and other services to help work together.
Today we had a very enthusiastic meeting to set up an event late September (to be confirmed) to involve families, church members, NHS and others in the community.
Has anyone come across this model elsewhere? If so please let me know.

Watch this space!


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