Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Recovery after puerperal psychosis

It is always a pleasure to hear that someone has benefited from reading my book.

Recently I received this message, which I have permission to share, as it is another example of recovery after puerperal psychosis.

Dear Elaine,

I'm so pleased I found your website on a post natal depression website!

I read your book last year whilst recovering from puerperal psychosis and found it very reassuring and helpful. I was diagnosed with the illness when my son was three months old. I was very lucky that no harm came to me or my son, but my recovery has taken me nearly two years. I have just this month come off anti-psychotic medication and feel like the old me. (I never thought I would ever again.)I am still taking anti depressants as following the psychosis I slipped into a deep depression. I would love to tell you my story, I experienced some very strange things while psychotic as everyone does with the illness.

My son will be 2 in July and I feel like I can finally enjoy him now.

Kindest regards

Sukina x

Brilliant! I shall pass on her full story at a later stage.

Thank you Sukina for allowing me to share this inspiring message - the only way is up!



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Lee Ching said...

DEar Elaine,
Hi, I am writing from Singapore. About 17 months ago, I gave birth to a baby girl and came down with severe depression and episode of psychosis. I must admit it was a very frightening and difficult experience. Recovery was a very long and tedious process as I was depressed for a period of time. There were times when I felt meaningless to carry on with life and felt worthless and hopeless. I was finding it difficult to get support to help me go through this periods and look up to you as an inspiration. Thank you, for coming forward to talk about it and for staying very positive through this experience.