Sunday, 15 March 2009

Child and Family Training

Today I have found out about some useful organisations involving child and family aspects.

Child and Family Training is a non-profit organisation working to promote evidence-based assessments and interventions with children and families.

In My Shoes is a computer package that helps professionals communicate with children and learning disabled adults about their experiences, views, wishes and feelings, including potentially distressing experiences such as illness and abuse in home, educational and other settings. The interviewer sits alongside the child and assists, guides and interacts with them through a structured interview process. Trainees learn how to use the In My Shoes computer-package and structured interview approach, as well as building on their skills in communicating with children. In My Shoes has a sound research base and has been sponsored by the Department of Health/DfES and others. It is useful for psychologists, social workers, child psychiatrists, other mental health staff, health workers, educational workers and specialists in forensic services.

ACAMH is a multi-discipinary membership association and valuable resource for those engaged in child and adolescent mental health and its associated specialties.

Established in 1956 by Emanuel Miller as a network to bring together like-minded professionals, it quickly attracted leading luminaries from across the disciplines, inspired to study the various ways in which the life of the child was influenced and to define the many dimensions and co-ordinates of the growing human mind as it developed from childhood into adolescence and beyond.

The Attachment Style Interview

The ASI is an interview which assesses characteristics of current adult attachment style in relation to a person's ability to access and utilise social support. As such it belongs to the ‘social psychology' strand of investigation of attachment style. It was developed by Professor Antonia Bifulco and her team at the Lifespan Research Group at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Founded in 1963, the National Children's Bureau (NCB) is a charitable organisation that acts as an umbrella body for organisations working with children and young people in England & Northern Ireland. Through working in partnership, sharing knowledge, resources and services we have created a powerful, authoritative and influential voice to improve the lives of children and young people.

IACAPAP is a non-governmental organization the purpose of which is to promote the study, treatment, care and prevention of mental and emotional disorders and disabilities of children, adolescents and their families. The emphasis is on practice and research through collaboration between child psychiatrists and the allied professions of psychology, social work, pediatrics, public health, nursing, education, social sciences and other relevant fields.

That should be enough to keep you busy on a sunny Sunday!


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