Thursday, 5 March 2009

Student Midwives learn about postnatal illlness

I spoke to some student midwives today at Chester University and shared my story, why I feel perinatal mental health is so important and how we can make the journey easier for others.

I promised them links to policy drivers and other areas of good practice for maternal mental health:-

Policy Drivers

Mind - Out of the Blue 2006
2008 DH: Child Health Promotion Programme
2008 Healthcare Commission: Towards Better Births
2007 NICE Clinical Guidelines: A & PMH
2007, 2004, 2001 CEMACH Reports
2007 NSF Implementation Maternity Matters
DfES Every Child Matters
2003 NICE: Antenatal Care
2000 Royal College of Psychiatrists Reports (CR28, 1982, CR88)

Areas of good practice

East Midlands – Margaret Oates$File/perinatal-psychiatric-services.pdf
Glasgow - Dr Roch Cantwell
Tamworth PND Support Group
Mailing list and forum

Other useful literature

Clinical effectiveness of health visitor training in psychologically informed approaches for depression in postnatal women: pragmatic cluster randomised trial in primary care
This study by C.J. Morrell et al, examined the outcomes for postnatal women who received one of two psychologically informed interventions by health visitors, or usual care. They found that either of the psychologically informed approaches was beneficial and were more effective than usual treatment.

The Positive Practice Guidelines for IAPT-Perinatal

Psychological support 'can cut mothers' depression'
Providing new mothers with psychological support can cut their risk of developing postnatal depression, according to research published today 16/01/2009
More information at:

More than just 'the baby blues'
Postnatal depression is a very common condition. Here are some facts about it:

The Mental Health Foundation, the UK s leading mental health research charity, and launched a new recipe website for those interested in knowing more about the links between healthy eating and a healthy mind.
More information at:

Good luck in your career ladies!


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