Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mental Health Training &The Solihull Approach

Yesterday I attended a workshop looking at further development of an e-learning package on mental health, to update the current one at

Watch this space for the new one!

I also found out about the Solihull approach.

The Solihull Approach was first developed in Solihull in 1996 by joint working between Health Visitors and Psychotherapists. The approach was initially designed for Health Visitors to work with families with children with feeding, sleeping, toileting and behaviour difficulties. The Solihull Approach has developed further and is now used by a wide range of professionals from different agencies to work with families. The Solihull Approach Model provides professionals with a framework for thinking about children's behaviour that develops practice that can support effective and consistent approaches across agencies.

If you work with families with young children it may be worthwhile having a look at.


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