Friday, 20 March 2009

A day to dance?

On the train this morning I had one of those 'Friday feeling' moments and wanted to share it! I felt very giddy as later that night I was due to see Lionel Richie in concert and as a 'warm-up' was listening to his new album 'Just Go'. I was living the fantasy of the lyrics with the idea of 'sailing away to the Bahamas' when I looked at fellow passengers. They all looked so miserable - staring blankly, reading, dosing but generally so sad and flat. Meanwhile I was sitting like a kettle about to come to boiling point of excitement. I giggled to myself as I wondered what would happen if I suddenly took out my earphones from my Blackberry, turned up the volume of Lionel and suggested we all danced!!!!!

As I was on my way to the radio station I stopped myself for fear of being taken off for being a 'nutter'! Yet isn't it sad that sometimes we stop ourselves spreading a little happiness for fear of what may happen?! I wish I had done it now!! Maybe next time ...

Then I noticed a message had come through on my emails and could NOT believe my eyes when the thought for the day from the inspirational site

read ' Excuse me, Elaine, but I don't think I noticed, "do a little dance," on your "to-do list."

You do plan to dance today, don't you?

AMAZING!! Decided to wait until later though (coward I know).

Then onto the BBC studios in Manchester where I was a guest on Heather Stott's coffee club.

My fellow guests were Mark Perugo, the manager of Pesto restaurant in Manchester

Also there was Kathleen Morris, known as Woody, who is a journalist.

We had a fun hour discussing different issues of the day, including conversations about job choices, Hollywood interviews, the idea that children do not make us happy, Google street view maps and information on the web to self-diagnose.

Later on I indeed go and see Lionel Richie at the Manchester MEN Arena. My Mum and I have been to every tour since he began as a solo artist over 20 years ago. We have made friends with other fans and we met up for a meal before the show.

But I have to say that I was really disappointed with the show! The sound quality was poor; Lionel seemed to spend more time posing; the band got no appreciation at all and rather than the usual range of emotions I experience at such an event I just felt flat. Oh dear! I felt like Lionel had jilted me after all these years!

The best bit of the evening was meeting some of my former pupils in the city centre later. These now young ladies were also out with their Mums at a karaoke bar! For those who have children with 'special needs' never give up on the idea that they cannot do the same things as their peers!

Meeting Laura and her friends made me want to dance ... just as I had that morning!

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