Saturday, 23 July 2011

Do you know where you are going to?

On Friday morning I bounced out of bed! What a wonderful feeling!

First appointment was with Sammy at Ice Innovation who is helping me with a new brand. Wow! She got me to really create 'my world' in five years time. It is a happy, helpful and successful place. I am very excited about it! Watch this space! If you need a new brand get in touch with Sammy!

Next was with David Paley at Countersales Ltd. He has known Clive for years and it is through David that the idea of linking his church with PND support. The system continues to run well with no problem regarding funding but makes use of services and people already in place. We are to meet again to discuss widening the system. What a joy to see Clive's books and Celebration souvenir in his office!

Next it was lunch in Leeds with my accountant Roy from Virtual FD. We had fun discussing Feel Good factors! Chinese crispy duck pancakes were mentioned. Yummy!

From there it was a chat and tea with Clive's friend Jamie Jones Buchanan. He plays for Leeds Rhinos. They often met to talk about life! I love to spend time with those who loved him. We also spoke about 'feel good' things and when we parted he was off to get some aftershave!

Next I met Andy Kirk who is keen to promote any charity events, e.g Clive's Memorial Golf Day on 10th August.

Finally I went to Leeds/Bradford airport to collect my friend Sue Peckham. We first met at the IAPH conference I had spoken at in May. We had a wonderful meal at The Fleece in Otley and chatted back at home until late.

What a good day! I have lost Clive but am beginning to see a new life unfolding with some existing and new relationships in it. I feel excited and optimistic!

Some of the 'should have' elements of life are gradually easing of where my mind pictures Clive at different things.

It was incredible to think of where I would like to be in five years time. Clive and I had done this exercise together. We knew that no matter where we were that we wanted to be together. I found it hard to do this again now without tears. I have to rewrite the page. Without him. I have a new journey which is just beginning.

Where do you see yourself by summer 2016?

Elaine x

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andy mcmenemy said...

What an inspiring read Elaine, I wonder how many people ever really sit down and do that exercise. Inspire them all through your example. Challenge them to Aspire :) rgds Andy