Monday, 25 July 2011

A new product for aspiring speakers?

One of Clive's many passions was to inspire and encourage others who want to join the speaking profession. It was yet another thing we shared. 

A few weeks after he died I continued with a day that had been planned to do just that. It was a tall order so early after losing him but our joint value of integrity pushed me to do it. 

I was very glad I did. Recently I had an uplifting conversation with someone who knew Clive for many years. She told me that one of the first things he had told her about me was that 'the amazing thing is that she doesn't know how good she is'.
Perhaps I did not realise just how much I do know about the speaking business? I will never stop learning!

One result of the Speaker Day I delivered with help from others was the introduction one attendee, Gary Foster, gave me to the IAPH, for whom I spoke in May. 

It was a great opportunity to deliver my new keynote and the testimonials have motivated me further.
During the two days I met some interesting people but was especially taken by a lady I found to be inspiring. Sue Peckham has made an incredible change to her life in recent years and I aspire to her success as a business woman.

After a few conversations and following emails we agreed mutual support.

On Thursday evening I met her and our story began. We spent hours telling each other our respective tales with the highs and lows. In fact we were so engrossed in talking that we were still in dressing gowns by early afternoon!

In telling my stuff the penny began to drop about just how much I do know about the speaking business. As it unfolded we both began to see a new product unfolding before us.

We went to see Clive's sister Lynn at work and the plan was to write up our 'guide' at the cafe next door. It was closed so we continued to a cafe in Boston Spa - where Clive and I had chatted about similar things earlier in the year with our friend Andy McMenemy. He has since run 66 ultra-marathons in 66 days!

The law of persistence and Clive's message to just take baby steps, just keep putting one foot in front of the other, helps us both.

As I typed up areas we had discussed it was exciting to see the shape of a guide forming. Not only was it helping Sue but also myself.

1. My confidence grew with every suggestion I was able to offer.
2. It gave me my own outline to follow as I re-brand, re-new and grow.
3. It opened a possible new way of support I can give others.

Later I took Sue to beautiful York. We had constant amusement at how cold it was as we teased one another about the north/south differences! We had considered going to the races and seeing Blondie - we were too busy and cold!

We ate in the spectacular Assembly Rooms, home to ASK restaurant. Apt name! We'd asked each other for support!

I felt very proud to show her the city and reminisced about Clive's birthday two years ago when I had treated him to 'being a tourist' there. We'd stayed in a hotel and done the sights! Magical memories. I could almost feel him watching us as I showed her the Minster, The Shambles, etc.

We were sorry when we had to sleep because we were both buzzing! It continued next morning as I drove her back to the airport!

We have set ourselves some targets and I am to fly south in a few weeks to stay with her. 

Sue offered to write me a guest blog to share our time - that was posted yesterday. Thanks Sue!

As Sue left I felt invigorated and excited. My pain at losing Clive remains immense but I am seeing the legacies he has left with me. None of it has been handed to me on a plate. I know I have to recognise and develop these relationships, opportunities and possibilities for myself. That way I shall value them more... and myself.

So today I leave you with two questions ..

1. What skills/knowledge do you have that maybe you could exchange with someone else?
2. If you are an aspiring speaker, what would you like to know about the profession?

Elaine x

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