Sunday, 31 July 2011

You know you are loved when...

You get a text that says 'I am boiling spuds in your pan cos it's yours'.
They sleep with an item of your clothing when you are apart.
They smell your perfume bottle when you aren't around.
They order what they know you would order in a restaurant or cafe even though you aren't with them.
They want you to let them know when you have reached a destination safely.
You don't have to speak all the time - silence is comfortable.
They do the household chores they know you don't like.
They leave you little messages in unexpected places, e.g. In your diary, passport.
They say they want to breathe the same air as you.
They will silently interrupt you ironing to dance in the kitchen when one of 'your' songs comes on the radio, then kiss you before carrying on with their task when the song ends.
They listen to your stories from childhood and get a present that reminds you of those times, e.g. A musical box that plays Love Story.

They will kiss the back of your neck when your hands are in the washing up!
They will listen to the same radio station or watch the same tv programme you are watching, when apart to feel together.
They say you look amazing even when you are both scruffy.
They phone you from a pub when a romantic record comes on and tell you to listen because it's for you.
They surprise you with new matching underwear to make you feel special.
They wash your hair for you in the shower (with no ulterior motive!)
Even though you know you haven't a Hollywood face or figure they make you feel like you have.
They cradle your feet when you watch tv together on the settee.
You feel their presence even when physically apart.
You are upstairs whilst they are downstairs and you get a text that says 'I flippin adore you'.
They wink at you or give you eye contact across a room and your heart skips a beat.
They tell you that you walk in a room and you take their breath away.
They kiss you and the rest of the world disappears.

.... Well I was so lucky because these were some of the ways Clive showed me how he felt about me.
Happy times.

What do you do to show someone you love them?

Elaine x

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