Thursday, 3 March 2011

Celebrating Clive Gott on the pitch at Headingley

So we all followed Clive through the tunnel and as he was placed amongst the balloons on the pitch, family and friends took their places in the North Stand.

Holding baby Sophie I turned to see a sea of faces. I was so thrilled to see so many people. I could almost imagine Clive saying 'Yesssssss!' as he would have been so pleased. There were people from many of his walks of life - firefighters, cyclists, clients, rugby contacts, friends from the local pubs,fellow speakers to name but a few.

My earlier panic of no-one being there evaporated. Wow! My vision had come true.

We all listened to a number of speakers all of whom had a different story to tell about Clive. It was amazing!

I could see Dominic busy filming and all the talks will follow. It is taking him a little longer to edit, etc. as he wants it to be right! That's my boy.

For now here is the start, my bit and the exit at Headingley.

I had no idea what I was going to say or do! I was the final speaker and was prepared to start with a thank you and have as much time as we had left.

Somehow it just flowed! Dom said afterwards he thought I needed a hug so just came to me.

The balloons were supposed to have been snipped each minute of the 52 we had there to represent the years of Clive's life. It hadn't happened as I had forgot to ask someone to do it! So I just grabbed the scissors and went for it! I just snipped as I walked and was aware that the applause was getting louder and louder. By the time I worked my way round to the last one I wanted to jump for joy. My heart is broken but I felt I had done my guy proud and was so delighted that everyone had helped me with my vision.

Clive had just proved one of his beliefs through me!

If you have a strong vision - ask, put in some effort and it can become a reality.

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Elaine x

N.B. Clive's products can be ordered via here.

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