Sunday, 20 March 2011

Love in the grass

In recent years Clive had begun to take an active and inspiring interest in our garden. This time last year we were excitedly getting the first spring colour out - sadly we peaked too soon and frost in April killed much of it! We have had plenty of snowdrops these last few weeks - he planted them as he knew they are my favourite flower.

He had a childlike excitement about which bulbs he had put in and watch what would come up. We had plans to improve the front garden by widening the drive and putting tubs in front of the lounge window. He had even created a blog or newsletter about comparing business to gardening and how we must sow the seeds and sit back to let them grow.

One day last autumn Clive came in from the garden with an 'I know something you don't' smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes.  We had our usual cuddle and no amount of my persuasive skills would make him 'spill'.
He resumed his jobs list and simply said 'You'll find out next spring and you'll like it'.

Look what I can see every morning I open the bedroom curtains:-

 A heart-shaped mass of crocus.

He was right. I do like it - and that's an understatement.

What was the last romantic thing you did for someone you love? What can you plant the seeds of today that will bloom happiness in the future? What small thing can you do today to cement your relationship? Is there something you have kept 'meaning to do'?

Let Clive and I inspire you and do it TODAY!

Happy Sunday everyone.

Elaine xx

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Harpreet Atwal said...

Genius...! What a gift! God bless