Saturday, 26 March 2011

A giggle or two

Well after a tough start this morning and doing a rather sad blog, I drove to pick up Dominic at Birch Services on the M62. Mum and Dad joined us for a coffee and toast before heading home. We love them soooo much!

It was pure pleasure to bring Dom back home with me! We decided on McD's for lunch. For some reason I have had a craving for a burger the last few days. I got half way through my Happy Meal and felt full! I did eat the rest though.

Rod called and he and Dom went to investigate the loft for the pesky bird. It would appear there are small holes that it must be getting through but we need longer ladders to explore from outside. So looks like I will get an early start again!

Dom did the first lawn cut of the year (come on Mark! Keep up!!!!). The lines aren't quite as perfect as Clive had but he had years of practice. A good effort and much appreciated. I tidied up the borders and enjoyed some more physical work.
Rod noticed I had a puncture on my bike and sorted that. I am surrounded by heroes! Lynn has hurt her back at work - hope you feel better soon sweetheart xxxx

Dom had brought a new camera lens with him and was keen to use it. So we walked across the road to the lambs and sheep in the field. I was sure I could feel Clive's arms around me as I watched Dom taking his pictures. 'See, I told you he'd be here with us one day', I heard him reassure me. That brought a tear to my eyes and a hug from Dom.

I have just had a relaxed evening with my son. I got a bit jittery around 8.30 - 9 p.m. as I recalled the events of 5 weeks ago. It still seems surreal. I wish it wasn't true but so sadly it is.

It is also good to have company. I have made a couple of arrangements for more visitors and I must make some more.

I think that is my key learning from today!

let me leave you with this clip of my niece Sophie, taken several months ago when I was looking after her at my parents. Clive loved it and would often ask me to share it with others. It made him smile and I hope it does you ......

N nite,

Elaine xx

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