Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happy Birthday Little Sis!

38 years ago today my life had an addition to it that has given all my family (and those who know her) a huge amount of pleasure and joy - yes, my sister Claire.

I had always wanted a baby brother or sister and when I was 10 along she came. She did not disappoint! She was my living doll. I bathed her, fed her, walked her, dotted on her. She was a dream of a baby and increased my maternal desires! Over the years she has given us all many happy and proud times.

I came across this picture of my parents, Claire, my brother Kevin, wife Annie and daughters Kerita and Indra taken many years ago! It must have been on one of their first trips over from Zimbabwe.

On the bedroom window ledge I have a card Clive gave me saying ' When I count my blessings I count you twice'. Even in my sad place right now I can still see and count the many, many blessings I have around me. I continue to be surrounded by a wealth of lovely people who are there for me, supporting and encouraging me.

I am so looking forward to sharing some of Claire's birthday with her.

I just had my breakfast (yes - I had food!) sitting on the two-seater 'love-seat' in the back garden. Clive and I often did that before we reviewed our 'to do' lists then got busy. He would be proud of me this morning - up, showered, dressed and all ready in the office at 9 a.m. I listened to the birds, soaked up the suns rays and saw him all over the garden - refilling the bird feeders; planting bulbs, cutting the grass, smiling at me, giving me a kiss. That thought made some tears flow.

Clive would want me to be busy and most certainly happy, so that is what I intend to do and be. I just turned on my PC and looked at Facebook. Bob Beaudine had posted this:-

Life’s fickle, just when U get comfortable with the rhythm of your life, BAM! It changes. But listen closely! All it takes is, one thought, one idea, one friend & your world can change to the better in a moments flash. Have U noticed, that some messages U are given are so timely, make so much sense, it’s as if they were written just for U. Right then! They were! Receive the encouragement! Your best is still ahead.

Thanks Bob! The thought of my best being still ahead is a very, very good thought. I look forward to it!

Time to get busy. have a great day everyone - and count YOUR blessings.

Elaine x

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