Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Almost there!

My last posting yesterday concerned the feeling of pride.

As I went to bed feeling so positive once again the wave of grief swept over me BUT before I allowed it to utterly consume me I text a friend to see if they were still awake. Within a couple of minutes we were chatting and my tears turned to smiles!

For the first time in ages I am up, washed, dressed and at my desk for 9 a.m. ready to be busy. So far so good.
I did lie in bed for a while just thinking about many things but it was Andy who got me out of bed!
You see our friend Andy McMenemy has been running a marathon (literally) for the last 63 days! He is doing it to raise money for The Soldiers Charity.

Each morning he probably has thought 'Oh no! Not another!'
Through injury, exhaustion, all kinds of weather, Andy has kept on going. Just one foot in front of the other.

Clive ran marathons and was often asked 'how can you run 26 miles?'
His reply was that he didn't - he ran a mile 26 times.

We all should take a leaf out of Andy's and Clive's books.

Keep on going - just one foot in front of the other.

Andy ends his amazing feat this Friday in York (4 p.m. Race Course).  PLEASE give him your support here

We can only imagine his sense of achievement as he arrives into the racecourse. I look forward to being amongst those to greet him!

So what do you need to do today? What tiny step can you make? And do you need help from anyone?

And how will it make you feel? Proud?

Elaine x

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