Friday, 20 May 2011

Andy's done it!

It's been an odd day. It started well with me adding finishing touches to my new keynote. I don't do a script as that is too 'wooden' and it doesn't flow well. I do just think and make a one word note for the most relevant points. I gave my audience of cuddly toys the first practice one. I was doing great until I was summing up, saying that I hoped my presentation had been worthwhile and that even if only one person does something with a positive outcome as a result of listening to me, then it has been worthwhile. I then added that I know of at least one reader of my book who says my story made the difference between her taking her own life and realising there was hope.

For the first time the enormity of that hit me - hard. You see I have never experienced the sense of loss that I now am. Also being involved with Joe Bingley Memorial Foundation I see the impact that suicide in the postnatal period has. Wow. To think my book has saved a family from that is beyond words and why my purpose is even stronger. I am glad I had that thought in private as I now can deal with it in public.

I looked back through my texts on my phone and there was a message from Clive which made me smile a week or two before Christmas. He had a Sunday night ritual of Maltesers. Both they and ice cream could not stay in our house for long! I always like a bargain and coached Clive into 'BOGOF' offers and reduced stickers! We must have got some Maltesers on offer and as I knew they'd go in one sitting I must have hidden some. This was the message:-

You have so many wonderful qualities that I am very proud of you for. You seem to cope with things and always have a smile. You have brought out so many wonderful qualities in me that I have lost count.  However you are the worlds WORST Malteser hider. Tee hee. Xxx 

I loved his 'tee hee' comments.

Next was off to see the incredible Andy McMenemy complete his final consecutive marathon after 66  days! Today was also his 50th birthday. Both Clive and I had today in our diaries and we had vowed to be at the finish line. My heart sunk as I drove into York racecourse. So many happy times with Clive there. I missed him so very, very much. Why wasn't he here to share in the pride of Andy's achievement?  

I fought back the tears and was warmly greeted by a few people who knew me. Andy's wife Caz gave me the most wonderful, warm hug. Bless her.

Some of the Forever Living Products team were there. Andy has been using the great Aloe Vera products to help him on his way. I too have been taking the Argi drink this week and I do feel I have more energy. They had much respect for Clive and it was lovely for them to embrace me into the fold - and eat ice cream under their gazebo in the rain!

Being there for Andy's final yards was very emotional. I simply cannot begin to think of the high he must be on. The whole team involved have been incredible. Please add to Andy's total to help Soldiers here. 

The television crews were there and the press, rightly so. 
The incredible Andy

What an incredible guy. He has the sort of voice that you could listen to even if he was just reading out a shopping list so when he gets on a platform to share this adventure it will be stunning. Clive would have been so very, very proud of him. 

See more photos here.

I felt very sad as I drove back home. What would we have done tonight? Drinks in Tadcaster?  I don't know except that it would have been together and fun.

So that made my evening even nicer when a dear friend, her partner and granddaughter called and we had an impromptu meal. The company was delightful and I know how pleased Clive would have been for them to visit. We are all in the Andy McMenemy fan club! 

And just exactly HOW do you settle after running all those miles? He is back at York Race course tomorrow on race day to raise the profile of the charity too. I wonder if he'll have to do a few laps to wear off some energy?

I wonder if he will tell people he used the law of persistence - simply putting one foot in front of the other?
Thanks to my guests tonight and the love and admiration I have for Andy, I shall go to bed a happy lady.

I wonder if I can plan my 50th birthday with something incredible in mind - got just over 2 years to plan it!

N nite,
Elaine x

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