Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Back on the workshops again!

After my hectic but enlightening weekend at the conference it was brilliant to read this comment from Gary on my blog,

Hi Elaine ... you were a great hit at conference (knew you would be) and it was down to you being you ... so well done for an outstanding presentation and for becoming part of our conference by joining in with 'the experience!' ... Gary 

I am thrilled to bits!
I had a morning catching up with a few things - I am beginning to notice the number of jobs around the place that aren't being done, such as weeding. I am simply too busy at the moment - roll on the weekend and I will get dug in - literally.

Yesterday afternoon I was at my desk again feeling overwhelmed. I am so sorry if you are waiting for a reply from me. I will get to you eventually. My focus this week is on my presentations. I went into panic mode but then calmed down by dealing with urgent things.
Ann came in preparation for our workshop in Doncaster today.

We went for our tea to a local restaurant called Tritons. Clive and I often went here for fish and chips and always sat at the same table. I hadn't been since he died. I took a deep breath as we went in and found it hard but insisted in sitting in 'his' seat! I would have been okay except the music playing was Lionel Richie's Greatest hits. Regular readers will know the significance of that. I was back in the concert, smooching with Clive as the rest of the world disappeared...

The tears came but then when 'Three Times A Lady' played I remembered the previous night when James had played this for me in the bar at the conference. I smiled. A new memory. A decision to choose to think positively and the rest of the evening was lovely, with Ann and I increasing our bond with a glass of red wine!

We sorted out our workshop finer details and went to bed.

Today could have gone from bad to worse ... the postcode on the website for the Children's centre venue was wrong, so I phoned for instructions. As I leaned forward to change it on my Sat Nav there was a ripping noise and my favourite red dress was torn under my right arm! Aaargh! Once at the venue I had trouble with the projector and laptop, until Chris pressed 'RGB' instead of 'Video'. I could have chosen to decide all that meant a dreadful day. But I didn't.

So  Ann and I delivered our workshop on postnatal depression with a renewed passion and drive. The day flew by and once again the testimonials are wonderful! I am especially pleased that the delegates appreciate the need to look after themselves in order to look after others.

To those who were there, thank you for sharing the day with us and we look forward to doing more soon.

The settee and I are friends for the rest of this evening. I am tired but happy!

My Mum and others have been telling me that I have been torturing myself with some memories of Clive. I am learning to choose not to. I even coped with coming home without him tonight as I made more plans on the journey home and all I needed was my dressing gown on and REST!

N nite,

Elaine x

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Anonymous said...

So glad to read that your workshop was fab (although I expected no less from you and Ann!), sorry I couldn't make it!

Hope you had a restful night and feel great today - you deserve it.
Take care and speak soon.

Mary Newsome