Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Well didn't I get a shuffle on today?

I just woke with more energy and enthusiasm than I have had since Clive died! I have spent hours focused on my presentations for next week and some paperwork which has been shouting at me.

I could easily have slipped into glum mode as when I was having my breakfast there were some actors from
'Downton Abbey' on television. That reminded me of the blissful Sunday nights we had shared watching that series. The tears fell into my porridge as I stared at the empty sofa, just wishing and wishing that Clive was still there.

I had a choice didn't I? I took the positive one and achieved more today than I have in weeks. My new mantra is from the Rascall Flatts song 'My Wish' - 'May your dreams stay big and your worries stay small'.

There are still hundreds of emails and mounds of sorting to do BUT I have to be pleased with what I have done today. And if I don't acknowledge the progress I have made I have a sneaky suspicion my in-box will be full of reprimands!

Having been in all day I decided to join my speaker colleagues at the PSA NE meeting tonight.

The main guests were:-

British Record Breaking Mountaineer Nigel Vardy
Nigel has traveled the world since the early 1990’s in search of adventure and new experiences. He has survived in climates ranging from Tropical Rainforest to Arctic Glaciers and pushed himself to his physical and mental limit on many occasions. In 1999 he was climbing on Mt McKinley in Alaska when a severe storm trapped him at 20,000ft. Exposed to the elements he suffered severe frostbite and was lucky to be rescued in one of the highest altitude helicopter airlifts in history. At 30 years old found himself thrust into a new and difficult world. Frostbite took all of his toes, fingertips and nose. Months of surgery and hospitalisation followed and Nigel was forced to rebuild his life starting with re-learning such tasks as walking, writing and driving. Even through all this Nigel insisted that he would climb again, and over the past eight years he has proved his abilities by taking part in expeditions across the world. His recovery from frostbite has been described as incredible. But physical recovery is only part of the process. His mental recovery has seen him ride a rollercoaster of emotions, which he has built on to give him an incredible drive to succeed in everything he does in life. It is this drive which many people have found inspirational at Nigel’s presentations.

What a lovely guy! And  a stunning story teller too. All I could think was how sorry I was that Clive was not there to hear. It turned out that they had met briefly at an event a few years ago. Nigel speaks in schools a great deal but I feel his story could go wider.

Rick Armstrong spoke next.
Rick is an inspirational speaker regularly presenting to a wide range of audience on topics such as business creation, networking, referral skills, presentation skills, motivation and leadership. Rick speaks and advises nationally and internationally mainly on the subject of business creation with particular emphasis on SME’s and start-ups. He is a co-author of The Little Book of Positive Thoughts and of The Little Book of Visualisation. Biog: Rick Armstrong studied design and has a career background in advertising, management consultancy, training and marketing. For nearly two decades he lived and worked in the Middle East, mainly in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in various roles with leading firms, most notably as ME Director of Saatchi and Saatchi, GM of Picador Design Group and Director of the Gulf Business Foundation. Rick has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with the PSA.

Another really warm and friendly guy who I instantly liked! Some people just seem to have a glow that draws you in. Both speakers did that tonight. It was a pleasure to listen to them both.

Richard McCann and Geoff Ramm spoke about their recent attendance at the Global Speakers Summit in Holland. Sitting next to Geoff brought back many memories of fun times at PSA events.

As I have driven home the pain of no Clive is intense.I am pleased I went tonight. It is always good to surround yourself with positive people. Hearing others comment on what Clive continues to mean to them is also lovely.

It just feels so unfair he isn't here. He would have enjoyed tonight too.
Geoff, Clive and Richard at a PSA convention

Rick kindly gave me a copy of his Little Book of Positive Thoughts. I shall take it to bed with me as I am in need of some!

N nite,
Elaine x

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