Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Law of Persistence

Those of you who read my blog entry last night will have sensed a dip, no plunge, back into all consuming grief. After I had written it I tucked myself up into bed and fought sleep even though I am so exhausted. Crazy I know. I had a number of wonderfully supportive messages (thank you, you know who you are) and then at 11 o'clock I got a sudden urge for toast! No bread in so 10 minutes later I was munching a sausage in a pitta bread! Shameless! I giggled at the naughtiness of it!

I had a last look at my Blackberry and there was an posting from our dear friend Andy. He is on the final days of his 66 marathons in 66 days. Wow! See details here

Challenge66 will see Andy McMenemy, the son of a former soldier establish a new Guinness World Record for consecutive ultra marathons (50km) with no rest days. During Challenge66 Andy will run 66 Ultra Marathons in 66 Days, one from each of the 66 official Cities in the United Kingdom.

Last night Andy wrote on Facebook:-

Armagh was no 52 of 66 and done in 6:38. Todays run was dedicated to CliveGott at (Elaine Hanzak-Gott) Clive passed away recently at the age of 52, so I thought about all the wisdom he shared with me and experiences we had together. Get a hold of Clive's books and Dvd's from or from Elaine, you are in for a treat. I'm still working on the Law of Persistence mate!
Miss you Clive.

I replied
Thanks so much Andy. I have struggled today so even more proud of your strength. Huge hugs xx

Then this came back from him,

Hi Elaine, I took a lot of strength from thinking about Clive's passion for life, you know what he would be saying! Listen with your heart to everything he would want for you.
You have that strength also, Elaine and you have a great message to deliver to people who are in need of your example of Courage and Inspiration.
Your life goes on and you are destined for great things, I can't wait to be in the audience! :)

I shed several tears as I am doing so now but it's a mixture of emotions. Mostly pride for all three of us.
Clive was undoubtedly a very special man who continues to inspire in death as he did in life. He will be beaming with pride over that.
On page 49 of his book 'How to take life by the throat and say I'm not done yet' he wrote,

'The Law of Persistence .... as long as you are facing in the right direction, if you just keep putting one front in front of the other you have to get there in the end'.

That is what Andy is doing. His message has prompted me to find that quote and  in doing so I have discovered a catalogue of Belief, Motivation and Support reminders - the 'prescription' to improve your life that Clive describes in that book.

On page 102 Clive writes 'Focus on what you are moving towards rather than what you are leaving behind'.

Well if that's not a message for me, I don't know what is!!!

If you want Clive's inspiration, order form is here.
  • I believe that I WILL become a successful speaker and writer (I already am but this belief takes me to the higher level of being financially independent). I believe that I will never fall out of love with Clive but I will find happiness again.
  • I am motivated to be an excellent role model for my son and the other youngsters in my life. I am motivated to inspire others to 'get through' challenges in life as I have done, am doing and will do.
  • I am surrounded by a sea of support which I am and will continue to use and ask for help and also be a support to others when I am stronger.
So although I remain feeling weary today I have regained my sense of purpose and am excited to be meeting Dom at York station very soon. We have a christening to attend tomorrow. A new life to celebrate in more ways than one.

Today I share this track with you from my new favourite Rascal Flatts.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Keep on Andy and maybe we shall share a platform or two beyond your 66? I would be honoured to.

Elaine x

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