Thursday, 12 May 2011

Baby Steps

I know, I know! A whole day and no post from me!

I did warn you I was busy. Yesterday I was in Milton Keynes for a meeting of the Open University Nursing Programme Committee, of which I am the patient representative. It felt good to be involved in real 'brain work' again.

From there I had a wonderful meeting with Delphi Ellis. Yo may have heard her name or seen her on television such as This Morning. She is an expert on dream analysis and sleep problems. She also has expertise in antenatal depression.
Have a look at her blog entry for yesterday ..

She says it all for me!

Last night was huge fun with being treated to dinner ... and drinks with a very, very special friend. Clive would have approved of our fun, laughter and sharing amazing memories. Okay and some tipsy tears!!

Today Clive should have been on stage at the Direct Selling Association conference which he was so excited about.
Maybe next year I will be there?!

Elaine x

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