Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Bridget evening....

I have just come upstairs to bed after watching Bridget Jones. Although I am tired I know I won't sleep immediately so I thought I'd reflect on today..

Apart from one visitor briefly this morning I have had a day completely to myself. It is still a 'new' experience for me. Dom has been at his cousin's wedding today - I hope Patrick and Laura have had an amazing day and I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

When I awoke I felt lucky at the thought I could choose whatever I wanted to do. I spent ages sorting out my 'sale' of jewellery, toiletries, etc. which have been just laying in the spare room for ages. Bargains to be had so I hope enough ladies turn up later today.

I have also cut the back lawn. My first attempts at that were long and frustrating and I kept getting tangled in the flex! As they say, practice makes perfect.

I chose to have a 'staying in day'. I answered a few emails but wanted to stay out of the office really.

I made myself a proper meal tonight and had a glass of wine with it. I also got on with an Arran cardigan I am knitting for baby Sophie. I sat on the settee wearing Clive's dressing gown for a change and to feel close to him. I was content on my own. How can I expect anyone else to love me one day again if I can't love being with myself?

Then Bridget Jones came on ITV. Why do we still watch a film with the adverts even if we have it on DVD?!

I laughed at the opening credits of 'All by Myself'! I found myself laughing out loud at bits of the film. I never used to laugh so openly until I grew to love Clive. His emotions watching a film were totally obvious! He'd cry buckets (Marley and Me), fidget and mutter if bored  and bring the house down when amused. He was often more fun to watch than a film. He liked 'chick flicks' too.

I was fine until the last minutes of the build up to 'the kiss' with this song playing.

It reminded me of how Clive said many, many times that he had had his 'last first kiss' as our relationship grew.  He was right. There is something very exciting and yet scary about it.
Perhaps one day I will be scooped up in a tall man's arms again.

Perhaps I might be blessed to find another special man who makes my eyes sparkle like he did, as in this photo taken on a desert ride. And if I don't, then I know that I have experienced the 'highs' they depict in the films.

Who or what makes your eyes sparkle?

N nite,

Elaine x

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