Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Charity newsletter

The days seem to be going so fast! On Sunday Dom, a great friend and I got my computer back up and running - much stronger than before. Thanks so much guys - my gratitude is HUGE!

Dom and I went onto Leeds Rhinos where they beat Hull KR 44 - 14. Brilliant game - very wet! Clive had been so looking forward to sharing games with Dom but I felt he was there in spirit with us. Our friend and brilliant player Jamie Jones Buchanan got bashed several times!  Then I had a dash back on the M62 to take Dom back home.

I awoke at Mums yesterday morning feeling very agitated. The trouble with being self-employed is that you have to be responsible for your own time. I was feeling guilty about 'wasting' it and getting in a panic about 'everything and nothing'! Right on cue Pete called me from Altum-V to arrange a meeting with me to help me make the most of my time and business planning! I then ran an errand and met up with a dear friend of mine and Clive's by chance. She eased my agitation in many ways - not least reminding me to be kind with myself!

Next I was back on the M62 but only as far as Huddersfield. The week before Clive died he had commented that I needed new windscreen wipers. It occurred to me yesterday that I had still not replaced them! For fear of not following my own advice, i.e. don't put things off, I called into a motor spares shop and asked for help. The charming assistant sorted me out and replaced them for me. As I was paying I told him the background. He said he was trying to give up smoking. Before he knew it the poor guy was getting a 1 to 1 advice session on giving up, e.g. what was he going to use the saved money for? Had he got the date of the holiday? The venue?  Clive really does live on through me!

I spent a totally relaxed evening with my good friend Chris and baby Emily. Even had a go on her trampoline! After the first glass of Pimms I decided to 'be good to me' and settled down to watch a couple of DVDs - 'Kill Bill'  and a rom-com 'Sweet Home Alabama'. The first one was not what I expected! So blood thirsty and violent but the second was good. No tears either! The ice cream, popcorn and company was good too.

Today I woke ready for work, drove home and have been in the office for hours now catching up on things. Just had an enquiry to speak in Amsterdam! Waiting for confirmation!

Please have a look at my charity newsletter for the Joanne (Joe) Bingley Memorial Foundation. This edition is in memory of Clive as he was the MC for our event in January. Please pass on.

Also please note that another of our trustees Dinah is doing a sponsored bike ride this weekend. Please sponsor her!

So what have you been putting off that needs fixing?

Elaine x


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