Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Where do you think best?

I had an indulgent bath late last night, with bubbles, candles, music, the lot! I put Magic FM on and the first song they played as I soaked was 'Tears in Heaven'! Yes, I had a little weep and remembered how Clive would set up this treat for me. Yet by the next track I was singing along, enjoyed some late night texts with a friend and snuggled down to bed and sleep.

Then I woke so early! Perhaps I need to change my thinking on sleep? Maybe I don't need as much as I used to and instead of viewing it as a big issue, just chill and go with the flow.

One of my emails I sent resulted in a brilliant reply today. Thanks Kevin for this comment,

Truth is losing people who are really close has no simple rules as you will know, but hopefully goes from raw pain and bewilderment to a wonderful and gentle melancholy over time, when the joy of having known them overrides the pain of having lost them.

Wow! Love that bit about the 'wonderful and gentle melancholy'. Maybe that is the phase I am drifting into?

Another friend told me this morning of how, half-dressed, she had sat on the stairs wondering why she was about to go and do a job she simply did not like. She gets no fulfilment from it. After thinking along the lines of 'why do anything that you are not passionate about' has gone off to change things. Go girl!

This reminded me of this little ditty ...

I have just spent this morning sorting my talk for Amsterdam.  Feeling pleased so off for some fun.

So I leave you with this thought ..

1. What are you putting up with that with some positive action you could change for the better?
2. Where do you think best?

Feel free to share the places with us all!

Elaine x

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