Friday, 10 June 2011

The Colours of Life

Well my optimism for spending time with Molly Harvey wasn't wrong! After she had finished a successful meeting with a company in York I picked her up and we stopped off at Triton's for a piece of incredible home made pavlova! Last time I was in here I was rather tearful - today I enthusiastically shared my recent successful new keynote testimonials with Molly.

As I did so, another of Clive's musical selections from his celebration was playing in the background ..

Was he listening?! I then took Molly to our home where she said she sensed a true feeling of peace. She noticed that I had several ornaments of a single woman, especially the one on the mantelpiece which was a present from my sister when I was her maid of honour. I should find her a friend! She loved my new office and the bedroom. Her interpretation of the colours we had chosen was fascinating - representing relaxation and romance. Molly has a wide knowledge of feng shui - see more on colours here.

As I drove us back to her home on the Wirral we created my new brand - colours, theme, etc. By the time we got to her home I was buzzing! We shared a tasty meal (thanks Neil) and a cosy evening on the sofa. Ooh, lovely evening.

This morning began with an early morning jog along the prom followed by a Pilates session in the garden. Molly is a very spiritual person as well as an outstanding speaker. To share this was even more special. In the stillness of an early summer morning as the sun began to rise over the trees, I looked up to see - a vapour trail! Today Clive would have been celebrating 12 years in business as a speaker. Two years ago he had an evening to celebrate his 10th birthday - read his blog here

I took Molly's equally beautiful daughter to school and called to see my parents. Next stop was Crewe to be a guest on Redshift Radio for the Health and Wellness show, hosted by Mumtaz Hussain. The theme was postnatal depression and the other guest was Jane Leese, who had also suffered from the illness. You can listen again but it may take a day or too to update.

Me, Jane and Mumtaz

Trying out the DJ role!

The programme was on live from 2 to 4 p.m. We chatted about many aspects of postnatal illness including issues around the fathers. I of course mentioned the charity I am trustee of - where you can find plenty of useful information in addition to my website. It was enjoyable and great for once to have plenty of time to cover many subjects. I tried hard not to bring my Clive into it but when one of my favourite tracks played 'Just the way you are' by Bruno Mars, he crept in as an example of how small gestures can really show how much you love someone.
I have driven back though in a panic. The engine warning light kept flashing! This has never happened before. Looks like a garage trip will be needed in the morning.

Ironic that conversations today have been about recovery - I hope my car doesn't need too much!!

I will end today reflecting on Clive's last comment about his 10 years as a speaker:-

I will always appreciate that there is no such thing as self-made. I cannot make this journey on my own, although I will select my traveling companions with care.

I know just what he meant. Thank you to those of you who are truly helping.

Elaine x

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