Saturday, 25 June 2011

An evening with gold candelabras!

As is usual the day after a 'big' talk and drive I was rather drained. So I was good to myself and had a leisurely start to the day and a pamper.

I was also a mix of giddy and terrified! Why? I had agreed to step in for an event Clive had been asked to do. It was the centenary celebration and awards evening for the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Leeds. I had never done 'after dinner' speaking before and it was to be in memory of Clive.

My approach? No Powerpoint, just 30 minutes to speak. I briefly spoke about Clive; my story; our story; his Celebration and then my key lessons since his death. These included aspects around choice, connections and caring.

I had my hair done and my nails, slipped on a dress and set off for Leeds. I was early so had a little mooch in some shops before going into the venue - the impressive Club LS1.

The room was stunning with the tables set in a large square and gold candelabras at each corner. The CIM members and venue staff were all very welcoming.

The food was beautiful but I wasn't really hungry due to butterflies in my tummy! Good adrenalin.

I stood up at 9 and was delighted with the reactions of the audience. I know I did myself and Clive proud. So I can add another keynote to my portfolio!

Another one done!
Here I am with Edward Ryder, the incoming Chair, and Robert Healey, the outgoing one. 

It was a very good evening and I am so pleased I said 'yes'. It was the best choice to have made!
Thank you CIM for a special evening.

Happy Saturday!

Elaine x

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Anonymous said...

Elaine, you were a true professional and did yourself and Clive proud.
Diane Earles, Regional Director, CIM x