Monday, 27 June 2011


After posting early on Sunday morning I began to search on You Tube for more songs! Oh dear! Silly me! Why do I torture myself? It's almost an addiction - find songs and images that remind me of the love and life I have lost and cry buckets and wail the unanswerable question 'why?'

Here is an example!

Finally I went to bed with tiny, red eyes and slept. When I awoke I chose NOT to put Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs on. Time to focus on all the good things ahead. I nipped to Sainsbury's to get food for 'my sale'. I made some buns (no, not cupcakes!), bread (well the machine did), and ribs and chicken wings to do in the oven. Easy and stress free. I didn't really know how many were coming so it could all freeze if it was just me.

The dining room was covered in toiletries, jewellery, books etc. I was buzzing. I love entertaining and Clive and I had also become a good team at it too.

Eventually I was happy enough with all my prep and decided to enjoy the sun. I got my iPod and to my horror it is blank! All my albums - gone! No matter, resync with iTunes. Oh no! That is all blank too! Dom I need your help!

Oh well still have Lionel on Blackberry. I settled down on my lounger with a smile. Then wham! The realisation that the last time I did this was on our cruise. We were so content with each other. More tears. I know Clive would not want me to be so upset but I still can't help it.

And how do you get suntan stuff in the middle of your back when it's just you?!

I began to relax then bit by bit my phone was red hot with people cancelling. They were all valid reasons but it was the amount! By 3 o'clock I was feeling disappointed that I had spent hours to prepare and what for?

My friend Sharon offered to come early. Within 5 minutes of her company I decided that it really didn't matter. I had enjoyed it. We had a select group but what a happy, fun, warm and loving afternoon and evening it was.

I sold a few bits but what was important was friendship. We had sunshine, food, drink and many laughs. If Clive was watching he'd have been pleased. Especially as I put my new bikini top and shorts on!

Dinah commented on the noise of Mark cutting the grass - one of her favourite sounds. That got us in the sensory mode! Just talking about it we all were calm and serene! We all shared our favourite sensations in an idea of an 'orgasmabooth'!! Just to make you feel good nothing more! What would be in yours?

Some of ours included cheesecake, suede, children's laughter.

It took me ages to clear up but I did so happily. By 10 all the house and garden was 'back to normal' and I sat out with a glass of wine and strawberries reflecting on a enjoyable time.

I ended my day with a cool shower, some of Glastonbury and a smile. Thanks girls, love you lots xxx

And what have we got today? SUNSHINE


Elaine x

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