Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Improving Perinatal Mental Health Care - conference 8th July

If you are interested in Perinatal Mental Health this event is a MUST!

The speakers are amongst the best in the world on this topic and all at the bargain price of £40.

I hope to see you there along with my colleagues from the Joanne (Joe) Bingley Memorial Foundation.

West Midlands Perinatal Research Conference Friday 8th July 


West Midlands Marce Perinatal Mental Health Conference –
Improving Perinatal Mental Health Care

9.30 Welcome, introduction and housekeeping  - Giles Berrisford / Jess Heron

Chair: Femi Oyebode – Current knowledge and new research

9.45 Normal emotional changes, the baby blues and postnatal highs -Carol Henshaw
10.15 Postpartum Psychosis and Bipolar Disorder in the perinatal period  - Ian Jones 

10.45 BREAK

11.15 Identifying Postnatal Depression -  John Cox
11.45 The 2011 Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths  - Margaret Oates
12.15 Considering BME issues in perinatal mental health care  - Dawn Edge

12.45 LUNCH

Chair: John Cox – Improving Perinatal Mental Health Care

1.30 Exercise and Postnatal Depression -  Amanda Daley
1.45 Peer support in postnatal mental illness - Sukhi Sembi
2.00 Perinatal mental illness, medication and the infant  - Joe McCleery
2.15 Predicting bipolar disorder relapse in the postpartum period  - Kathryn Doyle
2.30 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the postpartum  - Debbie Carrick Sen
2.45 Supporting fathers during perinatal admission  - Sarah Sandell

3.00 BREAK

3.30 Workshop Sessions
A: Ethical issues in perinatal mental health care – What about dad?
Giles Berrisford, Heather Draper, Mary McGuinness, Geoff Allcock

B: The campaign for Mother and Baby Units – What can we do?
Renuka Lazarus, Caroline Carr, Nicola Muckelroy, Jess Heron

C: Supporting children: parenting, safeguarding & infant massage session.
 Jenny Whitmore, Marjorie Allen, Hayley Grainger, TBC.

4.30 Closing remarks & action points: Research collaboration and a Perinatal Mental Health Managed Care Network in the West Midlands Giles Berrisford / Jess Heron

5.00 CLOSE

What are you waiting for? Get booking and please share with your networks!
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equalhealthcare said...

Thanks for this post i am totally agreed with your success formula.

Suzanne Powell said...

Thanks for posting this, Elaine. I've managed to get some funding through work so plan to attend as a service (or lack thereof) user, but with my 'academic researcher' hat on too. Hopefully meet you in person along with your Joe Bingley Memorial Foundation colleagues. Suzanne