Tuesday, 19 April 2011

And another has gone ..

on decorating!

I have received complaints (in the nicest possible way!!) that last nights blog was very short.

Well this one could well be shorter.

Today began at 8 a.m. with my taking Mum and Dad tea in bed and we haven't really sat down until now.

I am LOVING the new look in the bedroom. Yes, the pictures will follow but not until it is to my liking and we are not quite there- yet.

One picture you will not be getting is me covered in paint, wearing Clive's decorating T-shirt and shorts! Even my Mum says the standard has slipped - but WHAT a bedroom I will soon unveil.

I have coped very well - just one outburst of tears as the first wall was completed in the wallpaper Clive and I had chosen together. It's beautiful. It's so sad he isn't here to see it.

Time for a shower and bed now!

N nite,

Elaine xx

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