Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Born to make you happy

Clive once told me that he loved to make me happy and he certainly did. He did upset me sometimes too and could irritate at times, such as trying to speak at the same time as yawning!
But mostly it was a happiness at a level I had never known before and the feeling was mutual.
One day this Britney song was on the radio and I remember him saying we should dedicate it to each other.

Today has been a happy day. Both Dom and I were tucked up in bed just after ten last night. I decided to take his lead for an early night but struggled with it! I am used to the small hours. I must have slept though. I woke feeling a bit disappointed that I was having to take Dom home or at least to the station. That changed though when he said he'd like to stay longer! Hooray!
We decided to have a day in and do a few tasks along with office time for him to do some revision on the Internet and for me to do some admin.

He washed my car for me, we cleaned and tidied the shed and Dom cut the back lawn for me. It was good just to be 'in'.

I received an order for one of Clive's books 'When the flag drops the bull**** stops' which describes his race across the desert in the 'Marathon des Sables'. This book is listed on their website and there mustn't be a note to say Clive has died. There is no need though as he can and would like still to inspire even in death.

I know he would have sent the book with an encouraging note as the guy is wanting to do the race himself. So I did so on his behalf. It's all about putting one foot in front of the other.

Late afternoon I was delighted when fellow speaker Richard McCann popped in for a chat. His mother was the first of the Yorkshire Rippers murder victims and his sister took her own life so he has had to deal with bereavement too. It was good to compare feelings. Richard also quoted some of Clive's words from his last book 'It's not your time, it's the time you have'. He said in reading it he could almost feel that Clive suspected his life would be shorter than he hoped, hence the messages are even more powerful and relevant now.

Dom and I had my favourite meal - egg and chips, then he was drink host again when Clive's niece Sue, husband Scott and our goddaughter Ruby popped round. I think Dom can see that I get plenty of visitors!

We have made a pact that at 9 p.m. we shall watch something together, so I shall leave you with this comment I found that Clive had written in the early days of defining his purpose:-

''I will live with gusto and enthusiasm. I will no doubt upset some and inspire others. My commitment is to live with authenticity and to be true to myself. I will value any moment I am given''.

I just had a look through our memory box. No tears. Happy memories. Clive was born to make us happy.

I am trying hard to make that still the case.

(If you want to order any of his books, print off the form here and post onto me.)

I ask you this - do you value any moment you have been given?

N nite,

Elaine x

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