Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Happy 15th Birthday Dom!

Well after my early morning 'ramble' of course I was tired this morning! So too was the birthday boy as he'd also been up late on Facebook! So we didn't exactly rush out!!
I had got him a sound gadget for his camera a few weeks ago for his birthday so just had a T-shirt for him to open today. He had birthday money to spend so we had breakfast and headed out to the York designer outlet village - seen of my misery on Saturday!

I am pleased to say that the return trip today was a pleasure. Even though every shop, corner, escalator reminded me of Clive I focused on today and NOW being about Dom.
Next we headed off to Xscape at Castleford and mooched round more shops for him. I am delighted he has an interest in clothes. He knows what suits him and likes bright colours generally. He got some bargains and we wandered around very compatibly. We even found a CD of Top Gun!

In Xscape itself I had to take a deep breath as many, many times Clive and I had been here and it was top of Clive's list to take him there. He was right - he loved it. He got information about the snow/ski slope there, got a cover for his Blackberry and said he'd like to bring his cousin here.

We decided to save the cinema for another day but he did got on the 'sky walk' on ropes, etc. in the very high beams! I felt sick just watching him!

Outside he had a go at 'zorbing' - rolling around in a an inflated ball! He was thrilled to bits with it and so was I to have such a happy birthday boy with me.

Last request of the day was for his favourite food so I then drove us into Leeds and we ate in 'Yo! Sushi.'

It has been a really good day together - just the two of us. It is so very, very sad that Clive is no longer here but I can and am introducing Dom to the things he had wanted to. So far so good. In that way at least Clive lives on with Dom and I.

Now excuse me but I have a young man to enjoy the rest of the evening with!

N nite,

Elaine xx

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