Sunday, 10 April 2011

Stop 'shoulding' all over yourself

I am having to seriously take note of one of Clive's sayings 'stop should-ing all over yourself'.

 It is in one of his books and I must find the reference for you!

I had lots of messages last night and this morning to check I was okay after my sad posting. I did sleep eventually after watching drivel on television. When I woke the emptiness was still there so I turned the television back on.

So many things to do and I can't face any of them.

I just lay there. Had more tears and was torturing myself with plenty of 'shoulds' - I should get up. I should answer emails. I should sort out my new business cards. I should clean the bathroom......... the list is endless.

I did finally get up after arranging to see a friend this afternoon. That inspired me to get up! I had breakfast in the sunshine and then regretted not getting up sooner!

I have just spent a little while here in the office and done the urgent things. The rest can wait. Why? Because I need a rest! I will come back to them in a few days when I will be in efficient mode again, which I know will come back.

But for now I recognise I need some TLC, to be kind to me and allow some others to be so with me too.

Thank you all for being there for me.

Elaine x

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