Thursday, 14 April 2011

Are you happy?

 I noticed in the news that there was a 'new' initiative launched yesterday at

They basically want us all to spread happiness. I had a brief look at it all and it almost smacks of the 'goody two shoes' approach. I think the key difference between their message and the 'Pay-it-Forward' one that Clive loved so much, was that their approach is forced. 

Clive's version was far more spontaneous. For example, his brother Malcolm shared this with me,
'When I was out in York with him, many years ago, (doing the pubs) he went into a baked potato shop and came out with the biggest portion of spud and chips that I'D ever seen. He walked back up the street about 10 yards and gave it to a homeless guy that I hadn't even noticed. The gratitude in this guys face was magic. A lesson was silently taught and duly learned that night.' 

I also recall a couple of years ago we had been to one of his speaking events in the North East. En route home in the pouring rain we were held up getting onto the slip road of the A1. Drivers were getting irate with someone who had broken down - they were hooting and driving up the grass verge to get passed. As we maneuvered passed Clive noticed the driver was an elderly lady. He immediately stopped. In his shirt sleeves got out, getting soaked through (ooh, a Mr Darcy moment!) and pushed her car into a safer place. he invited her to join us in ours whilst he sorted out a breakdown service and we waited until they had arrived. That's what you call kindness. All Clive said was that he hoped if that ever happened to one of his relatives that someone would do the same. 

Clive was full of acts like that. It made me love him even more.  

I know it's corny but ...

Yes I am feeling better tonight.  I had my egg and chips. I put a couple of my too big bras on Ebay with a smile - Clive had told me under no circumstances had my boobs to shrink if I lost weight. Well I'm sorry, you can't put in an order!

I have just thoroughly enjoyed the B and B programme 'Three in a Bed'. Fab television.

I worked out how to use the scanner earlier, that prompted me to scan this photo which was taken at a charity night in Bradford a few years ago, not long after we got together.

I just love the sparkle in my eyes. He made me sparkle. And being hugged from behind was one of his favourite things.

And look what I found in the back of the frame from the table that evening ....

I shall go to bed now and hope that tomorrow is less painful - both tummy and grief wise.

N Nite,

Elaine x

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