Wednesday, 6 April 2011

‘Small things can make a big difference’

I have had a lovely evening!

When I came back from my trip out I got busy in the office. I have had a second talk confirmed with me today which will give me chance to showcase my new keynote:-

‘Small things can make a big difference’

Sometimes in life we can feel helpless and hopeless. Challenges are simply too much and we can wallow in a pool of negativity and see no way out. Elaine shares with us the times in her life when she has felt this way but most importantly the techniques she has used to not only to survive, but to do so as a stronger, more positive person. Her purpose is to enable others to make positive differences in their own lives using those techniques - often using the smallest of actions to result in the biggest of changes.

 How does this read as my new profile?

Elaine Hanzak-Gott is a teacher by profession but after suffering from an extreme illness after the birth of her son, she shared her story through her book ‘Eyes without Sparkle – a journey through postnatal illness’ (Radcliffe, 2005). Since then she has spoken at events worldwide, including to the European Parliament and at the prestigious Marce Society conference in both the UK and Australia. She has appeared on national television such as BBC Breakfast and is regularly featured in the media. Elaine is trustee for the Joe (Joanne) Bingley Foundation set up in memory of a new mother who took her own life. As a now renowned ‘Expert by Experience’ she is one of the named Greatvine experts and as a Prima Mother and Baby Magazine consultant. She challenges the stereotypical view that depression is a weakness and offers suggestions to us all to promote positive mental health.
Through her speaking career, she met fellow inspirational speaker Clive Gott and they had aimed to become the ‘Posh and Becks’ of the speaking world! Their romance and relationship is now being read worldwide by thousands through Elaine’s blog as Clive suddenly died from a heart attack in February 2011 at the age of 52. Now determined to survive bereavement with a smile on her face, Elaine recognises and shares with others techniques that can help us all through any challenges we face in life.
Although she hasn’t been dealt the sexiest of topics Elaine delivers from the heart, with an amazing openness and with humour and passion which aims not to provoke sympathy but an air of inspiration for us all to play a part in improving our own lives and those around us. 

I am open to comments.

I have also booked Oulton Hall again for the next Speaker Day on Saturday 11th June - full details to follow.
Then I got a call from Radio 5 Live who wanted me to be on the Victoria Derbyshire Show this Friday 10 - 12 when they are speaking about postnatal depression. As I am speaking at an event in Colchester this is a bit tight so I have put them in touch with a lovely young Mum called Michelle who recently ran a half marathon in aid of the Joe Bingley Memorial Foundation.

At least it all got me buzzing again. Rod came round with some eggs for me too and we shared a drink and a chat. Dom and I had a conversation too.

I then had a mini-wobble of feeling 'too much' of everything. I chatted to a couple of friends and calmed myself down. I also congratulated myself on progress which I am undoubtedly making.

Then this evening has been spent with a friend of mine and Clive's who works tirelessly with homeless people in Bradford. Once again I feel that although Clive is not here in body he has left me surrounded by amazing people who want his work to continue in some way and want to support me in mine. I have agreed to do a presentation for her too! She is not the first person to comment on how homely, warm and calm my home is. I felt Clive with us tonight, smiling at us. We certainly talked about him! She reminded me of one of his mannerisms of tugging at his T-shirt to flap it when he was hot. What do you remember about him?

So tonight I am going to bed feeling the best I have done in weeks.

All in all today what have I learnt?
  • Once again that an up follows a down
  • That I am making progress and that more of 'me' is emerging
  • That I can win over a printer!
  • Plans don't always go as expected
  • To appreciate friends and friendship
  • That I have a bigger message to share now
I had Magic FM playing tonight.  Let me leave you with this beautiful song.

Sleep well and as Fred on NW weather says - you deserve it!

Elaine x

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic Elaine. I can see you now giving talks to my employers and there thousands of employees as we previously discussed. From the 'other side of the clipboard' xx