Sunday, 24 April 2011

A better day!

Well wasn't I a misery yesterday?!!

Today has been so much better! I slept well and debated the best way to get Dom over here. A look at the train timetables made the decision for me - due to work on the lines he'd be having to change a stupid number of times on and off buses and trains. So I chose to go and get him.

I took a detour into Totties, near Holmfirth to call and see my friend Dinah and her family. What a beautiful spot and a stunning home! Even though I was tired the drive was really pleasant and I enjoyed it. Dinah had got me some lovely things for my new bedroom too - bless her.

I collected Dom and we went to my parents home and soaked up the sun for a while.

Next was a short trip to see our friend Paul McGee and his family - the SUMO guy.

Easter Sunday meal was back at Mum and Dad's with Claire, Martin and Sophie. We ate in the back garden and fun was had by all.

Mmmmm chocolate
He is taller than me!
Oooooh! I like Easter!

Dom and I are now back in Tadcaster where he is the first guest to sleep in my new office. I just hope he isn't on Facebook until the early hours!!!

When we were leaving my parents we all commented on the masses of vapour trails in the sky - there were kisses galore. My guess is that Clive would be much happier with me today than yesterday. I know I am and thank you again to you all for your love, concern and support. I appreciate it so much.

N nite,

Elaine xx

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