Monday, 25 April 2011

Ups and downs

Tonight I will be quick because Dom is with me and that's where my focus should be!

It has been a good Easter Monday. I took my time getting ready for rugby and bid farewell to Scott's lovely parents who had stayed with me a few nights.

Dom was pleased as he has taken over Clive's Blackberry - I would rather that than send it off in a recycling envelope. I know Clive would be pleased for him to have it. That got me a little tearful as we got ready for the match too as he had been looking forward to us enjoying many things like rugby together. I had a blub sitting in the chair in my new bedroom and realised that this was the point we should have been at with the decorating as Clive would have been focused on it being done prior to the Leeds game. It would have been a perfect end to a fun and productive few days. It still is.

Dom had never been to a live sporting event before so I was thrilled to be taking him and even explained the rules of the game. We dined in the Premier Suite with Pete Evans and his family and listened to Ben Cross and Jamie Peacock speak about the game, two feet away from us. Dom was impressed that at his first match he got so close to some top players.

The match was great against Crusaders. In the first half we saw many of the exciting bits I had hoped for - Robbie Burrows darting in and out; our friend Jamie Jones-Buchanan on top form and Keith Senior getting a try. I'm not sure what Dom thought as I joined in with the chant 'we love you Senior, though you've got no hair'!!

We won 34-16 and returned back for cheese and biscuits to the Premier Suite before along to the Long Bar where all the players were signing autographs. I was thrilled to share it with Dom and as he asked to go again whenever he can, I reckon a new fan has been born. It makes up a little for the times I sat there in the early days of mine and Clive's relationship feeling so guilty I wasn't with Dom.

Tonight I feel proud I have introduced him to a new and enjoyable pastime. Thank you so much Leeds Rhinos - again! It really is a family event and there aren't that many things a teenage son and Mum can do together - we have found something new.

It is just tinged with my disappointment at Clive not being here to see his pleasure - and mine.

We called to see Lynn and Rod on the way home and all the family appeared too. We are now home and after Dom had some food we are ready for a tv night.

It is the eve of Dom's 15th birthday and I am giddy because he is with me. Yippee!

N nite,

Elaine x

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