Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My lovely man

Last night I decided to take comfort in reading some of the emails Clive had sent me. I did so without any tears. Just smiles and sadness. The years we knew each other and finally got together were filled with enough drama and emotion to last a lifetime!

I wanted to show you one of the many reasons I loved him so much. We had mutual admiration, respect and pride in one anothers actions and it doubled the pleasure to share it, for example,

Hey you

I wanna share this with you.  I was in Starbucks at Monks X chatting to Ruth.  In the seats next to us were two women and a little girl of about 4, she had a raspberry yogurt sort of thing on the table.  When she reached out to get it she knocked it on the floor where my foot was.  Her mum was really sorry and the poor little mite didn’t know what to do.  There was no shouting or temper losses or the like.  We were cleaning it up together scraping some of it back into the cup, I had some napkins but not enough so I went to get some more. While I was getting them I asked the young girl doing the drinks if she would make me another drink for the little girl and she made her a much nicer strawberry frappachino and put lots of cream on the top.  I took it back and gave it to the little girl.  Her mum was speechless and the little girl was over the moon, she even said thank you.  Shortly after they all got up to leave she hadn’t finished so she took it with her.  Just as she was leaving she turned round to me hugging her drink and with a beautiful smile on her face whispered thank you again then ran off.  It was all lovely baby, you would have loved it. No fuss no big drama just people being nice to each other and a happy little girl.

I just wanted to share that with you princess.

I adore you

Your feeling very warm about life (oh and also in possession of a new golf cart) knight. 

Clive had this simple way of turning what could have been a tense and stressful situation into one to smile about and made the day better for all involved.

What can you do today for someone to make it better for them - start with yourself and let the kindness radiate out from there?

Clive would say that this song was one of the many that reminded him of me.

It is fitting that video begins with the Empire State Building as true magic happened up there ...

Elaine x

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