Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My new bedroom

Well after three days of decorating I can now unveil the 'new' bedroom and ensuite.

Clive had fallen in love with the painting now above the bed and over time we had collected the rest of the soft furnishings, wallpaper, etc.

Our plan was to spend Easter weekend doing it .. well it is now finished ahead of schedule! Should I have a sign saying so, like they do when a new road is done earlier than expected?!

I am absolutely chuffed to bits with it all.  Gone is the drab yellow and beige below. Taking the long single wardrobe out (to the right of picture) was a great idea (thanks Paul for your help!).  Can anyone give it a new home?

I have been 'haunted' by the images of the paramedics in that room but I think I can vouch for it looking different now ...

My parents have been AMAZING. They have worked for hours with me on it. Dad has taught me to wallpaper and Mum has kept busy looking after us! Thank you sometimes just isn't enough.

More photos are here.

At one stage this morning I was at the kitchen sink - Dad was getting the next bit of wallpaper ready, Mum was hanging washing on the line. I was feeling proud and content at what we were achieving and so grateful for their support. From out of nowhere it seemed I got a huge sense of Clive hugging me in approval. The feeling was overwhelming and I shed tears but they were of pleasure. I know how pleased he would be that I had 'got on' and done the bedroom and en-suite anyway. I would like a new ceiling light and chunky curtain pole but other than that I am happy - very.

Even the hanging basket sweet peas are starting to emerge.

I was so pleased when Lynn popped round to see my room too - perhaps I should have a bedroom party with pink drinks?!! Anyone fancy one?

I am looking forward to a soak in the bath followed by snuggling down into all new bedding.

Tomorrow I have post and emails to attend to. Sunshine? What's that?

So what have I learnt today?
  • that even when you loose your soulmate, carrying on with joint plans can be HUGELY rewarding.
  • that my parents are the most incredible people who I love beyond compare
  • that wallpapering is fun and requires skill and patience (I might redo the ensuite in the spare, white roll all by myself)
  • that a new look in a room can make your heart sing and spirit soar - even if the person you intended to share it with is no longer here in body
N nite,

Elaine xx

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